High - imitation Rolex Submariner 's "same material" and "the same level" accessories comparison - buckle articles

For a long time did not try to write a written comparison of the post, I personally is not very good at writing comparative postings, the network on the high imitation of the table seems to post a lot of contrast, but I feel that there is little point, the last The end will often add one, please add this WeChat Low ... ... Low ... ... Low soliciting information, write this posting I just wrote once, there is no doubt that I stall things, so that people do not watch So sell this really guilty, so this time I took out my management of high imitation table mall sales of the buckle firmware, to contrast, since the face, this will not offend people. If you are a loyal Rolex player, want to learn more about replica watches accessories only high imitation table, then this article will make you brain open, and I will explain some of the high imitation table updating some of the potential rule. Friends do not know much about the high imitation table can look at Today, I took out five different sets of strap factory production of the clasp to explain to you, this five sets of strap at different times, are the best strap version, of course, at the same time more More strap factory in the production of the same style clasp, the quality is uneven, the five clasp is only high imitation Rolex snooker series clasp in the tip of the iceberg, if the expansion is concerned, it is estimated can now find , There should be more than 30 kinds of clasp. I have limited energy to explain to me the best of the five groups, after all, these five groups have been used as a high-imitation mall I manage the accessories used. First look at the set of photos, we compare the relevant differences on their own, stress that these five clasp from five different strap factory, are the best use of 316L stainless steel, but also the best at the time Version, version from left to right 1 to 5 version, and all clasp has its own unique size, any version of the strap can only be accompanied by the corresponding clasp. Version one: This is not yet in the online sales of high imitation swiss replica watches when using the buckle, when the high imitation of Rolex, as long as the mold of the success of the imitation of the Rolex snorkel clasp buckle of the expansion function can be recognized as the market The so-called "super A" As for the ceramic bearings, buckle inside the crown color, font, detail. At that time, no one will care. Expansion buckle, will become the biggest selling point. Version 2: My early customers, should have seen such clasps, which is the earliest equipped with both the perfect diver development capabilities, while the details in the clasp lettering has done an upgrade on the use of laser engraving technology will carve the crown, And lettering are close to the genuine color of the clasp, this clasp has been opened by some people in use today. Even now there are a lot of people in the sale of this clasp equipped with high imitation Rolex. Version 3: This buckle on the basis of the previous generation has done an improvement, adding a ceramic bearing shaft. Making the clasp more durable. While the color deepened, and the size of LOGO design into a full 1: 1, is the originator of the logo design of the logo. But also was the most like the clasp and genuine Version 4: This is an upgrade for version three. In the bottom of the Logo to do a layer and the same as the sandblasting is only the last to the Logo of the sculpture, which can make the Logo more clear while the right side of the diver's buckle to do the inside of the grinding handle for the more delicate dive buckle, Version 5: This is the best version of the buckle for now (May 20, 2015) and is the version used by Submariner Sold by the High Imitation Table Mall now managed by 2015. Combining all of the past experience, Logo size, ceramic bearing shaft, the bottom of the sandblasting, the perfect color match, the right side of the buckle inside the diver without grinding. By contrast we can see that a small clasp, you can evolve out of so many versions. With the introduction of new, the old version will do the appropriate price adjustment. But we can say with the heart. In fact, as early as the second edition of the buckle appears, it has been very close to the genuine. The second version of the buckle, the other details of the things, for the people in terms of mold is indeed dispensable, after all, the most sensitive to the end consumer or price, as long as the demand to meet about, low-cost Products are more easily accepted. It is worth noting that I have shown only the tip of the iceberg, literally, luminous, case, circle mouth, head, mirror, and even waterproof ring, have a similar situation, I believe there are many friends here to see the mood of the bad mood. I go there are so many doorways, ye do not tell me, really high imitation table in this industry, product changes, and firmware updates, is much higher than the genuine. I display these buckle firmware, not a decade sword, but the recent two years, while high imitation table industry, everyone's propaganda, practitioners have different ideas, are with Personality of the individual, accidentally violated the interests of others, there are too many things that can not be said. The latest thing is the need for the original accumulation to burst out, so high imitation table can not be fabricated out of a so-called perfect 1: 1, only in the discovery of a popular style, the investment again to upgrade the development, A watch enthusiast is also a high imitation table business managers, there are commendable style appears, say it's excellent, describe the value for money place, is the only thing I can do. Through this article, I believe we have a high imitation watch a new understanding, and if you are holding thousands of dollars to buy and tens of thousands of dollars in the product of the same idea, then tell you really do not have such a good thing exist. In the past I as a high imitation replica watches buyers really think that authentic watches is the absolute profits, I even feel a genuine Rolex watches, the cost is estimated to 6000 yuan, only to fully enter the industry after I realized that authentic watches indeed It is in the artist's mind to do a watch, no matter whether hot, whether or not people like, are holding the attitude of the real refinement to do this thing. Although they also have "Jaeger-LeCoultre", "Omega silicon gossamer door", "Cartier astronomical maintenance fee" and so on these disturbing negative, but this is the only way for the development of authentic watches, I believe the future Of the high imitation table And I as a high imitation watch business is more focused on the watch, accurate, durable, beautiful. Effective warranty service, these most basic, most routine, the most visible things. After all, these are the best way to accumulate loyal customers, while in the high imitation of the magic to even the general integrity of the business are still not completed in the industry, it was rushed and genuine centuries of accumulation exactly the same slogan, is indeed a Pieces of unrealistic things. All right. Gossip so much, I hope you can help. Thank you for watching