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December 17
Milk Chocolate Also Benefits Heart Health
Gut Bacteria Imbalance Linked to Chronic Fatigue
Pink Noise While Asleep Helps Memory
Alcohol Affect Our Heartbeat
Tree Nuts Cut Colon Cancer Relapse
Dear Diary Comforts the Elderly

Long-Term Cell Phone Use a Health Risk
Nap Boost Toddler Talk
Tai Chi Eases the Blues
Regular Sleep Times Promote Health
Erase E-Waste

November 17
Onions Health for Heart and Kidneys
Teetoalers Enjoy Less Heart Disease
Overtime Hours Linked to Tooth Decay
Aerobics Improve Brain Function
Cranberry Prebiotic Promotes Gut Health
Acupunture and Herbs Ease Deliriu in Patients

Black Cumin Oil Helps Control Asthma
Oil Spoil

October 17
Resveratrol May Help Eye Health
Music Soothes Pain after Surgery

Spirulina Reduces Weight and Cholesterol
Women Live Longer When Surrounded by Greenery
Vitamin D plus Calcium Lowers Cancer Risk

Walking Reduces Symptoms of Dementia
Banning Trans Fats Lowers Heart Attacks

September 17
Caring for Others Prolongs Life
Less Salt Reduces Nightime Potty Visits

Early Birds Eat Better and Exercise More
Beetroot Juice Helps Older Brains Act Younger
Yoga Eases Eating Disorders

Mediation and Music Aid Memory in Early Stages of Alzheimer's
Tonsillectomies Help Only Temporarily

August 17
Sufficient Sleep Supports Immunity
Massage Relieves Chronic Back Pain

Chinese Fungi Relieve Asthma Suffering
Natural Sounds Soothe the Brain
Maple Syrup Gives Good Gut

Meditating Raises Spirits More than a Vacation

July 17
Coal Phase-Out Boost Health
Unique Inflamed Gut Linked to Type 1 Diabetes

Tax and Pricing Policies Spur Healthier Eating
Post-Stroke Exercise Improves Brain Function
Colicky Babies Respond to Acupuncture

Combo Probiotics Ease Hay Fever
Tart Cherry Aids Runner Performance

June 17
Ginger Relieves Infected Root Canals
High-Intensity Workouts May Keep People Coming Back

Why Lyme Disease Ticks Thrive in the North
Vitamin D Helps Babies Grow Strong Bones and Muscles
Inactive Lifestyle Accelerates Aging

Healthy Eating Can Improve Bone Density in Women
California Wins Cancer Label Case Against Monsanto’s Roundup

May 17
No-So-Speedy Pedaling Boosts Benefits
Prenatal Omga-3 Reduces Kids' Asthma Risks

DNA Markers Link Lifespan to Nutrition
Latin American Tree Bark Improves Diabetes Markers
Negative Stereotypes Sabotage Girl Soccer Players

April 17
Barefoot Running Improves Technique
Drinking More Water Improves Food Intake

Chelation Cuts Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Sage Linked to Cognitive Health
Sedentary Kids Lag in Reading Skills
Tai Chi Eases Chronic Neck Pain
Butterfly Rescue

March 17
No Benefit to Cutting Fat in Cheese
The Five-Second Rule Debunked
Kids Going at Bedtime Sleep Poorly
Veggie, Fish and Nut Fats Preserve Heart Health
Eye Health Nutrients Also Aid the Brain
Stress and Fatique Abate with Combo Supplement
Wheezing Toddlers Prone to Food Allergies
DHA Boosts Elder Brain Function

February 17
Infants Breathing Bad Air May Suffer as Teens
Reflexology and Imagery Relieve Preoperative Anxiety
Fenugreek Eases Menopause

Chinese Herbs Lesson Postparum Blues
Aloe Vera Juice Allays Diabetes
Fortified Food Cut into Supplement Use

January 17
Autism Risk Linked to Banned Chemicals
Ayurvedic Program Improves Blood Chemistry
Early Job Satisfation Supports Long Term Health

Exercise in Midlife Helps Preserve Mental Sharpness
Early-to-Bed Kids at Less Risk of Obesity
Parents Use Complementary Health Care for Kids

December 16
A Cup of Peppermint Tea Boost Alertness
Fracking Linked to Asthma Attacks
Cranberries Reduce Urinary Tract Infections

Teens Hooked on Ear Buds Prone to Tinnitus
Why Some Kids Grow Up with Fewer Allergies
Bright Lights Encourage Healthy Eating

November 16
Silence De-Stresses the Brain
Gut Bacteria Linked to Toddler Temperament

Music Makes Exercise Easier
Acupressure Eases Fatigue in Cancer Survivors
Exercising Women Have Fewer C-Sections
Heavy TV Watching Linked to Poor Bone Health

October 16
Medical Errors Cause 250,000 Deaths a Year
Vitamin D3 Boosts Gut Health
Senior Joggers Enjoy Youthful Metabolic Rate

Diabetic Improve Using Sesame and Rice Bran Oils
Sweat Can Transfer Happiness
Acupuncture Eases Hot Flashes

September 16
Vegan Diet Benefits Kids' Heart Health
Black Raspberries Bolster Heart Health
Astaxanthin Aids Muscle Recovery

Breast Milk Supports Preemies' Developing Brains
MS Patient Improve with High-Tone Electrotherapy
Vitamin C-Rich Produce Guards Against Cataracts
Less Sleep Brings on the Munchies

August 16
Delayed Kindergarten Reduces Attention Deficit
Grape Juice Boosts Memory and Driving Skills
Breastfed Babies Have Fewer Colds and Ear Infections

Aromatherapy Sooths Allergies
Prenatal Sun Exposure Lowers Asthma Risk
Young Adult Insomnia Linked to Chronic Pain
Legumes Faciltate Weight Loss

July 16
Calcium Pills Don't Build Bone Health
Energy Drinks Harm the Heart
Colorful Produce Slow Cell Aging

Neurotoxins Identified in Everyday Items
ADHD Meds Weaken Kids' Bones
Osteopathy Alleviates Low Back Pain

June 16
Live Comedy Evokes Trust and Empathy
Omega-3s May Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer
Ashwagandha Pumps Up Testosterone

E-Cigarettes Produce Free Radicals
Medicinal Mushroom Heals HPV
Awe and Wonder Prime Physical Health

May 16
Magnesium Improves Childbirth for Mother and Newborn
Red Clover Guards against Menopausal Bone Loss
Legumes Keep Colorectal Cancer at Bay

Purpose and Meaning Help Seniors Live Longer
Staying Active Relates to Healthy Hearing
Cotton Hygiene Items Contaminated with Monsanto's Glyphosate
Ozone Averts Tooth and Gum Infections
The Missing Link: Inflammation and Depression in Women

April 16
Kiwis Boost Heart Health
Nature's Colors Aid Focus and Accuracy
Mercury Use Linked to Dentists' Tremors

Fracking Fluids Found Toxic to Health
The Dirty Dozen of Cancer - Causing Chemicals
Tai Chi Eases Effects of Chronic Disease

March 16
Magnolia Bark Knocks Out Head and Neack Cancer Cells
Probiotics Reduce Aggressively Negative Thoughts

Apple Munching Makes for Healthier Shopping
Metal and Mineral Imbalances May Produce Migraines
Losing Pancreatic Fat Reverses Diabetes

Channel - Surfing Couch Potatoes May Lose Cognative Skills

Febuary 16
Kids Get Fewer Cavities When Mothers Chew Xylitol Gum
Olive Oil Compound Kills Cancer Cells
Bifidobacteria Probiotic Fends Off Colds and Flu

High-Fructose Sweetener Aggravates Asthma and Bronchitis
Mediterranean Diet Sustains More Youthful Brain Size
Kids Learn Social Skills Through Pretending and Joking

January 16
Feel Young, Live Long
Vitamin E and D Supplements
Leave Them at the Door

Autism Spurs Creative Thinking
Sunlight Reduces Risk of Pancreatic Cancer
Playing Outside Before Lunch Spurs Kids to East Healthier
Scientists Urge Ban on Non-Stick Pan Coatings

December 15
People Double Up on Calories After the Holidays
Asbestos Found in Crayons and Children's Toys
Superfruit Antioxidants Found in Chilean Maqui Berry

Meditation Linked to Telmer Integrity in Cancer Patients
Digital 'Blue Light Reading Disrupts Sleep Rhythms
Spirituality is Beneficial for Cancer Patients
Potatos Don't Pack on Pounds

November 15
Having Gratitude Yields More Happiness than Having Things
Animal Friends Soothe Autistic Children
Formaldehyde Found in GMO Soybeans

Antidepressants in Pregnancy Raises Risk of Hypertension in Kids
Ingrown Nails Linked to Over-Trimming
Cloves Inhibit Cancer Growth

October 15
Colon Cancer Linked to Gut Bacteria
Red/Purple Produce is Best for Weight and Heart

Brain-Lymphatic Discovery May Hasten Science
Non-Natural Painkillers Double Depression Risk
Music and Audio Books Help Kids Move Past Pain

September 15
Yoga Boosts Brain Gray Matter
Smog Increases Stroke Risk

Chamomile Tea Help Us Live Longer
Daily Exercise Adds Five Years to Life
Muscle-Building Supplements Linked to Testicular Cancer
Green Tea, Apples and Cocoa Protect Against Cancer and Arterial Plaque

Plants Absorb Second-Hand Smoke Too

August 15
Call for Worldwide Protection from Wi-Fi Radiation
Glyphosate Self-Testing Now Available
Pistachio Nuts Help Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and Artery Health

Produce Produces Heftier Newborns
Sad Music Can Lift Our Mood
Happy Couples Sleep Closer Together
Constipated Kids Helped by Tummy Massage

July 15
Social Isolation Linked to Earlier Death
Eating Peanuts Early On Reduces Allergy Risk
Mindfulness Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure

Flaxseed Oil Soothes Carpal Tunnel
No Worries:Cat Naturally Eat Less in Summer
Stress Ramps Up Inflammation

June 15
Hatha Yoga Boosts Brianpower
Acupunture Treats Prostate Enlargement
Antioxidant-Rich Berries Thwart Alzheimer's

Stroke Risk Rises with Two Drinks a Day
An Avocado a Day Keeps Bad Cholesterol Away
Pain and Depression Ebb with Flotation Therapy

May 15
Meditation Improves Brain Health
Heart Disease Detected Early with Breath Testing
Italian Bourt Links Boy's Autism to a Vaccine

Weight Gains in Moms Lowers Toxins in Newborns
To Get Healthy, Get a Healthy Partner

April 15
Acupuncture Increases Quality of Life for Allergy Sufferers
Strawberries Reduce Blood Pressure
The Color Green Makes Exercise Feel Easier

Memory Works Better Reading Real Books
Local Toxins Increase Risk of Autism
Olive Oil Boost Healthy Cholestrerol

March 15
Ginkgo Biloba Calms ADHD, Boosts Memory
Meditation Minimizes Migraines
Even Modest Drinking Raises Risk of Heart Disease

Register Receipt Low Risk for BPA
Bugs Linked to Factory Farm Antibiotics
Wild Thyme Kills Breast Cancer Cells

February 15
Satisfaction with Friendship is Hard to Come By
Marriage is Good for the Heart
Large Study Expands View of Sodium Intake
Mind-Body Therapies Stimulate the Immune System
Calcium and Vitamin D May Help Prevent Dental Decay

January 15
Legumes, Nuts and Corn Cut Risk of Breast Cancer
Eucalyptus Oil Inhibits Spread of TB
Low Magnesium Levels Linked to Kidney Disease
Body Symmetry Correlates with Male Strength
Phototherapy Reduces Knee Pain
Yoga Breathing Helps Ill Kids' Lungs

December 14
Calcium Supplements Raise Risk of Brain Lesions
Knotweed and Hawthorn Outperform Lovastain in Trial
Hospice Care Adds Months for Cancer Patients

Hip Fractures Decrease on Weekends and Holy Days
Mistletoe Extracts Benefits Pancreatic Cancer Patients
Cell Phones and Router Microwaves Stress Plants

November 14
Organics Boast More Nutrients, Fewer Toxins
Looking at Beautiful Art Bumps Up Brain Activity
Lead Lurks in Lipsticks and Skin Whiteners

Algae-Based Cosmetics May Ward Off Inflammation and Cancer
Treadmill Desks Boots Job Performance
Honey and Ginger Beat Antibiotics in Fighting Superbugs

October 14
Lower Breast Cancer Risk by Eating Colorful Veggies
Energy Efficiency Improves Family Health
Water Fluoridation Gets Aother Thumbs-Down

Acupuncture Lowers Meth Withdrawal Symptoms
Yoga Practice Pumps Up Detoxifying Antioxidants

September 14
Antioxidant Supplements Improve Eye Health
Licorice Root Reduces Dangerous Fat
Tongue Diagnosis Reveals Sleep Disorders

Raisins Lower Blood Pressure and Diabetes Risk
Vitamin D3 Cuts Antibiotic Use by Elderly
Pre-K Education Liked to Better Health 26 Years Later
Mindfulness Meditation Can Hinder Onset of Alzheimer's

August 14
Tough Family Life Linked to Chromosome Aging
Parents' Smoking Linked to Artery Damage in Children
Pine Bark Extract Reduces Perimenopausal Symptoms

Flaxseed Lowers Blood Pressure
Medicinal Mushrooms Boost Athletic Performance
Heelless Shoes May Help Prevent Runners' Injuries

July 14
Ginger and Turmeric Protect Skin from Sun
Essential Oils Effective in Fighting Candida, MRSA
Dried Plums Prevent Bone Loss

Sun’s Rays May Help Heart Health
Fruits and Veggies Boost Kids’ Learning and Social Skills
Preterm Babies Grow Better with Supplements
Ashwagandha Herb Mutes Bipolar Disorder, Lowers Stress

June 14
Yummy Berries Cut Heart Attack Risk by a Third
Saw Palmetto Combos Combat Enlarged Prostate
Mindfulness Meditation Reduces the Urge to Light Up

Unconditional Love Hastens Healing
Tapping Acupressure Points Heals Trauma in Vets
A Good Midlife Diet Prolongs Health in Later Years
Beets Beat Down Blood Pressure

May 14
Healthy Homemade Infant Food Reduces Kids’ Allergies
Multivitamins with Selenium Counter HIV
Vitamin D No Help for Bone Mass or Hip Fractures

Merciér Pelvic Massage Boosts Women’s Fertility
Drinking Cow’s Milk While Nursing Linked to Infant Eczema
Roundup Toxin Accumulates in GM Soybeans

April 14
Home Renovations Aggravate Childhood Asthma
Ventilation and Cleaning Hinder Indoor Pollutants
Tomatoes Prevent and Even Treat Liver Disease

Supplements Could Save $70 Billion in Medical Costs
Orange Oil Calms Kids in Dental Chairs
Olive Leaf Outperforms Diabetes Drug
Air Conditioning Cleans Up Indoor Air

March 14
DIY Projects Keep Seniors Moving
Chemicals Harm Pets, Too
Coconut Oil Manages Cholesterol, Shrinks Waistlines

Legumes Improve Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure
Vitamin E Hope for Cancer Care
Superfoods Defend Against Radiation
Healthy Food at the Front Door

February 14
The Whole Fish is Best for Blood Pressure
Happy Marriage, Healthier Lives
Egg Whites Function Like Blood Pressure Meds

Nostalgia Arms Us for the Future
FDA Moves to Ban Trans Fats
Zinc Orchestrates Immune Response
Early Warnings of Heart Troubles Differ for Women

A Different Breathalyzer Test for Heart Failure

January 14
More Bok Choy, Less Ice Cream Boosts Breast Health
Vitamin C Halves Colds in Athletes
Produce Banishes the Blues

The Toxic Side of Tylenol
Sweets Sour Brain Power
Art Heartens Seniors
Mammograms Carry Cancer Risk

Brief Bouts of Yoga Bolster the Brain




December 13
Sprinkle Cinnamon to Avert Alzheimer's
Cocoa Calms Inflammation
Meditation Helps Heal Traumatized Veterans
Cranberries Support Healthy Circlulation
Button Batteries Imperial Bambinos
To Get More, Give More

November 13
Mindful Meditation Relieves Inflammation
Tanning Beds Invite Melanoma
Happy Life, Healthy Heart
Rosemary Revs up Memory
Walnuts Strengthen Sperm
The Killer Called Sugar

October 13
Acupuncture's Growing Acceptance
More Plastics, More Obese Kids
Dulse Seaweed a Heart Health Powerhouse
Grapes Grapple with Metabolic Syndrome
Natural Eye Care for Aging Dogs

September 13
Job or Walk to Live Longer
School Lunches Minus the Meat
Yoga Relieves Back Pain
Weightlifting Lowers Heart Disease & Diabetes Risk
Hair to Dye For
Protein for Breakfast Curbs Food Cravings
Milk Linked to Acne
The Humble Apple May Ace Cancer
Antibacterials May Make Kids Allergy-Prone

August 13
Never Too Old to Quit
Glories of Growing Up Grateful
Another Plus Natural Birth
Bounce House Boo- Boos
Blogging Away Teen Troubles
Colorful Plates for Picky Eaters
A Tribute to the American Elderberry
Toddlers Want to Help Out
Umbilical Cord Bingo

July 13
Stone Fruits Keep Waistlines Trim
Kudos for Kale
Iced Tea Has Issues
Nature's Own Sport Drink
Plasticizer Undermines Heart Cell Functioning
Pre-Pregnancy Diet May Alter Genes
A Bevy or Berry Benefits
Healthy Metal

June 13
PSA Testing Controversy
Sports and Music A Winning Combination
A Father's Love is Critical
Flavonoids Protect Men Against Parkinson's
Excessive Dietary Fat May Hinder Conception
Fruits and Veggies Can Help Us Kick Butts
Resveratrol can Aid Prostate Cancer Treatment
Grilled Food Might Make Us Fat
Don't Worry, Be Healthy
Sugary Drinks Linked to Heart Disease
Garlic May Help Alleviate Cystic Fibrosis

May 13
More Sleep Shed Pounds
Yoga Reduces Depression in Pregnant Women
Working Out Hot Flashes
Fewer Scans May Lower Breast Cancer Risk
Midwife-Led Birth Centers Improve Outcomes
May Is Asparagus Month
The Exercise Advantage
Better Care Through Meditation
Natural Oils Lower Cholesterol

April 13

A Bus Pass to Green Well-Being
Getting the Lead Out
Coffee and Vision Loss Linked
Turmeric Acts Against Cancer
How Does Your Garden Glow
A Diet for Healthy Bones

March 13
Battle of the Bulge
Drinks Tied to Tooth Trouble
Why We Might Need More Vitamin C
Dining App for Special - Needs Diets
Yogurt Hinders Hypertension
Bad Fats are Brain - Busters
Not So Nice Rice

February 13
Hot Peppers Help the Heart
Reading Helps Teens Beat the Bluesl
Alexander Technique Lessens Back Pain
Mindful Meditation Eases Loneliness
Peel-Good Energy
Red, Whit and True
The Salt Shaker Thief

January 13
Red Meat a Red Flag
Black Pepper Fights Fat
Wisdom from Water
A GMO-FREE Grocery List
Supplementation Cuts Colon Cancer Risks
Frying Pan Faux Pas
Flame Retardant May Pose Healh Risks

December 12
One - Size Meditation Does Not Fit All
A Wise Man's Gift for Arthritis Sufferrs
Nutty Way to Help Preserve Cognition
Raisins Yield Pressure Relief
Giving Begets Happiness at Every Age
Stop Wasting Food
Citrus Fruits Lower Risk of Stroke
Pitfulls of No-Fat Salad Dressing

November 12
Cranberry Juice
Good Foods to Keep the Brian Sharp
Shrimply Alarming
The Other Problem with Trans Fats
Antibiotics Overused for Sinus Infections
More Americans are Eating Fresh
Nuts Help Neutralize Metabolic Syndrome
EFT Relieves Veteran's Post-Traumatic Stress

October 12
Washday Woes
The Phthalates-Diabetes Connection
Caffeine A No No For Babies
ABCs Keep Colon Cancer at Bay
Dentist Can Help Diagnose Glueten Sensitivity
Breast Health Screening Questioned
October 24 is Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day
Breast Caner Links to Enviromental Toxins

September 12
Few U.S. Adults Regularly Practice Healthy Habits
Why Laptops Should be Renamed...
Waching Magic Boosts Creativity in Children
Mate Tea Fights Colon Cancer
20 Second Trust Factor
Can Parents Teach Peace

August 12
Why Folk Remedies Rock
Elderberry Elixir
Dried Plums Keep Bones Healthy
Training Helps Bust Teach Burnout
Cheap Bling is Bad News
Mom's Diet Can Boost Baby's Immunity
Less Sleep Means Lower Grades
Walking + Texting = Forgetting

July 12
Wondrous Watermelon
To Stay Sharp Keep Moving
Cancer Prevention in a Spice
Eat Fiber for Health and Longevity
The Lowdown on Low Iron
Why Corn Syrup is Worse than Sugar
Rice Syrup Alert

June 12
Juggling Bumps Up Brainpower
Red meat Raises Diabetes Risk
Eggs Sunny Upside
Can Canned BPA
Spud Lower Blood Pressure
Build Muscles to Beat Diabetes
Control Midlife Blood Pressure to Improve Heart Health

May 12
Eating Greens Can Change Genes
Acupuncture Cools Hot Flashes
Sour News About Sweet Drinks
Memory and the Pill
Calcium Supplements Increase Heart Risk
Cheese is Better than Butter
The Write Way to Lose Weight
Flexible Work Places Boost Well-Being
Nicotine Mothers Just Say No

April 12
National Start! Walking Day
Unplug During Screen-Free Week
Diabetes Linked to Dirty Air
Green Veggies Boost Immunity
Are Cell Phones Safe?
Sweet Stuff Combats Infections
Qigoing: A Boon For Cancer Patients

March 12
High Fiber Trumps Low Fat
Does Our Food Control Our Genes?
Grass-Fed Benefits
More Rest Equals Better Teen Performance
Kudos for Bacteria Busting Coriander
Red Meat Linked to Type 2 Diabetes
Healthy Weight for Heal Their Gums

February 12
Mediation Boosts Brain Power
Does Yawing Cool the Brain?
Seaweed Loves the Heart
Potassium Protects the Heart
Regular Bedtimes Makes Kids Smarter
Alcohol Impairs Recovery from Illness
Vitamin C Helps Us See

January 12
Science Confirms Benifits of Herbal Blends
Calm Work Stress
Eat Breakfast to Shed Pounds
Fasting is Good for the Heart
The Heavy Secret of Fake Fats
The Power of Good Posture
Tangerines' Tangable Gifts
Probiotics Help Eczema

December 11
The Arts Relieve Holiday Stress
Acupuncture Eases Unexplained Symptoms
Massage Beats Meds for Back Pain
Phosphates Not Heart-Healthy
Zinc Fights Colds
Nutty Help for Diabetes

November 11
Taking Steps Against Diabetes
Dish Up Some Pecan Pie
The New Coconut Oil
Shop Gifts in Pleasant Surroundings
Home is Where the Healthy Meal Is
See the Good
Happier and Healthier At Work

October 11
Household Chemicals May Pose Risk for Breast Cancer
The Science Behind an Apple a Day
Saflower Oil - Good for the Heart
Cautionary News About Calcium
Antibiotics not an Answer for Asthmactic Kids
PFCs Linked to Early Menopause
Garlic is Kind to Cartilage
Diet at Puberty Linked to Breast Health

September 11
Tai Chi Can Turn Depression Around
Children at Rick for Eating Disorders
Exercise Pinches Salt's Effects
Benefit-Boosting Broccoli Sprouts
The Write Stuff Eases Anxiety
Electromagnetic Therapy Lifts the Blues
Young Artist and Scientist May Think Alike
Better Bones for Kids with Celiac Disease
Minty Relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Living Abroad Boosts Creativity

August 11
Are Fit Kids Smarter
Kids Know What's Fair
Just Say No to Indoor Tanning
Outdoor Workouts Trump the Gym
Sticky News on Peanut Butter
Cruciferous Cancer Fighters
No Junk Food Babies
Kid-Friendly Clues to Healthy Eathing
Diet at Puberty Linked to Breast Health
Pick a Safer Sunscreen
Meditation Eases Anxiety in Kids

July 11

USDA Praises Plant-Based Diets
Don't Take a Seat
i In Pain Try Meditation
Friends Can Add Sizzle to Your Romance
Watermelon Takes a Slice Out of High Blood Pressure
More Benefits from Vitamin D
Blueberries Assist Artery Function
Ditch the Chemicals

June 11
Mercury-Free Dentistry
Berries May Protect Against Parkinson's
Natural Relief for Constipation
Feed Your Feet with Castor Oil
Preventing Gum Disease
Cautionary Note on Glucosamine Intake
Trans-Fat and Depression Linked

May 2011
Hot Flashes Signal Good News
More Reasons to See a Dentist Regulary
Whole Grains Deposit of Body Fat
How Laser Heat Fight Wrinkles
Chemical Alert
Video Games Boost Daddy Daughter Bonds
Watercrest may Help Bust Cancer

April 2011
Toxic Food Wrappers
Traveling? Pack Probiotics
Pomegranate May inhibit the Spread of Cancer
Air Quality Contributes to Diabetes
What Hair Reveals About the Heart
Second-Hand Lead Alert
B-12 - The Brain Vitamin
Safety Tips for Reusable Bags

March 2011
Sweet Medicine
Black Rice - Exotic and Healthy
The Sticky Side of Non-Stick Cookware
Why Sugar Isn't So Sweet
Brain Boosting Beet Juice
Herbs Alleviate Anxiety
Olive Oil Protects the Liver

February 2011
Accupuncture Healps Heart Patients
Grapefruit's Bier - Sweet Secret
Blushing Could Save Face
Dream on...and Learn Better
Happiness Keeps Growing
Our Renewable Heart
Diet May affect our Internal Clock
Stress-Busting Walnuts

January 2011
Natural Relief for Colds and Flu
Building Muscle with Weightlifting Lite
Why Junk Food is Aging
The Scent that Helps Us Sleep

Rethinking Calcium Supplements
Brain Function Lessen with Obesity
Mushrooms for Health


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